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Donna E. Lane, Ph.D. and W. David Lane, Ph.D. are co-founders and co-leaders of Aletheia Christian Center. For couples who come to Aletheia, they are also co-counselors. They have been married over 23 years, and have three children ages 19, 17 and 12. Both started their counseling careers in the late 70's, and together they opened a private practice in 1993. In February, 2001, they started Aletheia Christian Center, in response to a what they saw as a need in the church for a refocusing on discipleship and prayer. Donna's doctorate is in counseling, and she is licensed as a Christian Counselor and Therapist. David holds two licenses, one in Marriage and Family Therapy and one in Professional Counseling, and his doctorate is in marriage and family therapy. Both are Charter Members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. David is a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), and Donna is a diplomate in the American Psychotherapy Association (APA). In addition to his role as co-leader at Aletheia Christian Center, David is an Associate Professor at Mercer University in Atlanta, and Director of the Graduate Program in Counseling at Mercer.

Scheduling Information
We have utilized a variety of scheduling options to meet many different needs. Our preferred choice is for three-to-six hour prayer counseling sessions to be scheduled on consecutive days, for our experience has shown us that more intensive work through prayer expedites the process. Often people are surprised to hear that our average length of time to complete the program using intensive sessions is three six-hour days.

For some, the intensive schedule is overtiring or too difficult to manage with their other responsibilties. In those cases, we can schedule one or two hour prayer sessions once per week or as infrequently as once per month. However, we inform our participants that this course may lengthen the total hours it takes to complete their healing process. Intensive prayer sessions can usually be scheduled within two to three weeks, and hour sessions are usually available within the week of contact. To schedule an appointment, contact David or Donna Lane at (770) 985-6011, or you can email your request.

Out of Town?
Many of our clients travel from other areas of the country to attend their intensive sessions. Our facility is in the metropolitan Atlanta area, and is easily accessible by automobile or airplane. Because we can schedule intensive sessions on consecutive days, and the process can be completed in a comparatively short period of time, living in another state or region does not prohibit your participation in our program.

There are nice and affordable hotels within a short drive of our location. You can call us for details on costs and accomodations.

If you arrive through the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, we can arrange for transportation for you to our area of Atlanta, which is northeast of downtown up Interstate 85. If you plan on driving in, we will help you find accurate maps and provide detailed directions for you via email.

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